Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have been a Caring Company since 2013
We donated a farm land to Methodist Church of Hong Kong in early 2014 for holding their own farming activities
We supported Crossroad to sell the handicrafts made by poor countries
We sell our organic vegetable to those organizations in need at a very low price. We also provide venue and activities those organizations in need at the minimal cost

Go Green always strives to reducing waste, protecting environment and creating a low carbon green live as our main purposes.

We emphasize on education. We cooperate with different organizations to provide educational programmes for children.

We also help organizations to develop environmental related activities and training. Through these activities and training, we hope that their interpersonal communication and cooperation can be enhanced.

We organize environmental seminars and organic farming classes regularly. We hope that everyone can walk the talk and work hand in hand to build a sustainable and green community.